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I have an IUD - do I still need to worry?

Dear Jordan: I got the iud about 3 months ago and my boyfriend and I have been having sex without a condom, he's been pulling out but should I be worried? Could I be pregnant? What do I do?
Jordan says: Thank you for your message and your concern. Since you have an IUD placed, you are about 99% protected against pregnancy, even without using a condom. No type of birth control is 100% effective but the IUD is about as close as it gets and it is very unlikely for you to become pregnant while it’s placed. It is meant to be effective pregnancy prevention on it’s own. That being said, we would recommend condoms also be used to reduce your risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Birth Control Pills...

Dear Jordan: I am on birth control pills and my doctor has me taking my birth control pills consistently without getting a period because I get cysts. Will this affect how likely I am to get pregnant? I am wondering if I should start taking my sugar pills instead of going onto the next pack when I'm supposed to get my period.
Jordan says: Thank you for your question and we want to get you the best answer. For specific medical questions, we recommend you call our clinic at (952)474-3251 and ask to talk to a nurse.

What's the deal with birth control shots?

Dear Jordan: Are there any side effects that come with the birth control shot? I have been considering getting one but don't know the factors. Thanks!
Jordan says: Thanks so much for your question! The birth control shot (Depo Provera) does have some side effects and it's certainly a great to ask about this before deciding on a birth control method. The most common side effect of Depo Provera is to have an irregular menstrual period or no menstrual period at all. It's somewhat typical for women to have breakthrough bleeding (otherwise known as spotting) at the beginning of using this method and for that to improve with time. This spotting could happen on-and-off for the first several months but eventually most women will lose their menstrual period completely. Other side effects that people may experience are: depression, headaches, appetite increase, and weight gain. These side effects are typically less common. Good Luck in your decision making process. Please feel free to see us at the clinic if you would like to start Depo or if you would like to learn about any other birth control options.

Pregnancy Chance?

Dear Jordan: What are thechances of getting pregnant when having sex with a condom and pulling out?
Jordan says: When using condoms correctly with intercourse, pregnancy is prevented as much as 97% of the time, or more. If you have additional questions, please call and ask to speak with a nurse at myHealth.

Concerned about bleeding!?

Dear Jordan: I had sex last week with my long term boyfriend and soon after i started bleeding out of nowhere and i'm concerned do you have any clue on what could it be or what could have happened?
Jordan says: Thank you for your question and we want to get you the best answer. For specific medical questions, we recommend you call our clinic at (952)474-3251 and ask to talk to a nurse.

My Child Needs Mental Health Services

Dear Jordan: My child has severe behavioral and mental health issues and has said she wants to hurt herself, yet when she asks for help there isn't any place that takes her issues serious enough!!!! Please help
Jordan says: Mom, It really sounds like you are in a tough situation! I want you to know that myHealth therapists are trained in providing the best mental healthcare using evidence based practices. We would be happy to see your child and help them get to a place where they can begin to feel better. I am so sorry to hear that you haven’t been taken seriously in the past! Here at myHealth we will do all we can to provide the best individual and family therapy possible! Please feel free to call our mental health program manager, Sara Stamschror-Lott, MA,LMFT directly. She will be more than happy to lend a listening ear and to help you find the best therapeutic fit for your child!

Birth Control

Dear Jordan: I'm 17 year old and my parents won't let me take birth control cause they are to scared. Blood clots run on my Moms side and they said that birth control can cause blood clots. I was wondering if theirs another way for me to take birth control.
Thank You!
Jordan says: For specific medical questions, we recommend you call our clinic at (952)474-3251 and ask to talk to a nurse.

Could I be pregnant?

Dear Jordan: So I have a partner who I have been doing sexual things with, but no actual sex. Recently, he was masturbating and then touched my own genitals not long after. He did not ejaculate at all during this time and I am past my fertile window, but part of me is still worried/paranoid I am pregnant. I hear all these stories that freak me out and I have also heard a man can generate sperm before ejaculation? Could it survive from hand to genital contact? and I just need somebody to tell me I am over reacting
Thanks, (sorry for getting really personal)
Jordan says: Thanks so much for writing, this is a great question and a lot of people have these worries. Although it’s hard for us to say there is zero chance of pregnancy in these situations, I can say that it is so VERY unlikely and you do not need to worry. It is true there may be some sperm in pre-ejaculate fluid (a bit of semen that comes out of the penis before an ejaculation) but the amount of sperm involved is very small and in most cases that sperm is dead. It is very unlikely that any sperm would survive the kind of hand to genital contact you are describing. If you do decide to have sex, it’s very important that you use condoms 100% of the time. We would also recommend starting on a hormone method of birth control prior to sexual activity. Using both condoms and hormone birth control is your best protection against pregnancy and infections. Please let us know if you have any further questions and if you would like to talk to a nurse on the phone, call us anytime we are open.