myHealth actively supports parents with children of all ages who want to stay engaged in their child’s life.Young people are more likely to make healthier choices as a teen or young adult when parents create a strong foundation of communication around family values, expectations, and accurate, age appropriate information. myHealth’s educators present parenting information and resources to over hundreds of parents every year.

Upcoming Workshops

myHealth educators offer workshops both in the clinic and at community locations convenient to you and your group. Check out our upcoming in-clinic workshops below that are open for registration!

Growing Up:

This workshop is for parents AND their children (ages 10-13)

Growing up can be exciting, exhilarating, confusing and scary – all at the same time! Join health educators from myHealth for Teens & Young Adults for a fun and informative three hour workshop that will take some of the mystery out of puberty and the questions out of adolescence. Prepare to laugh, create, question, learn and grow – TOGETHER!

Parents and Daughters

Parents and Sons

Parents & Teens Staying Connected:

This workshop is for parents AND their teens (ages 14-18)

Teens and parents join health educators for a fun and informative workshop to gain confidence in their unique parent-teen relationship! Families will engage in fun, thought provoking activities to learn about intimacy, healthy relationships, and how to stay connected.

Parents & Teens Staying Connected

Presentation Topics

These presentations can be done for large or small groups, in your home, office or at one of many community and faith based locations. Take a moment to review the topics so you can decide which ones best fit for your needs!

Sexual Education for Teens and Young Adults with Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities

When it comes to talking about relationships and sexuality, people with cognitive and developmental disabilities (C/DD) are often excluded.  This presentation will address common myths regarding sexuality, sexual health, and overall well-being of people with cognitive and developmental disabilities. myHealth educators will provide tools to discuss sexuality, sexual development, personal boundaries and healthy relationships for parents of teens and young adults with C/DD.  This presentation is directed to parents and is also available for young people with C/DD.

Talk Early & Talk Often

It’s Never too Soon to Begin the Conversation

For parents with kids ages 0-5 & 8-12, With a focus on development or puberty
Length: 60 minutes

Clarifying and communicating family values, expectations and attitudes about sexuality. How to answer questions, identify teachable moments, and locate resources and developmental information.

Honey, We're Not in Mayberry Anymore

Parenting in the 21st Century

For parents with kids in grades 5-10
Length: 90 minutes

How life is different for our kids (then vs. now), how to bring up tough topics and communicate about sexuality, chemical use, parties, cell phone use, establishing limits and setting boundaries.

Learning to Speak their Language

Texting, Social Networking, and Cyber Safety

For parents with kids ages 13 & up
Length: 60 minutes

Review what’s current and happening in the world of texting and social networking through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Discuss parental concerns such as cyber bullying and “sexting,” explore effective ways to communicate with your teen about internet dangers and establish rules and limits around the internet and cell phone use.

Hooking Up is not about Jumper Cables

Teen Sexuality and the New Dating Scene

For parents with kids ages 13 & up
Length: 90 minutes

Review the current trends in dating and sexuality, discuss how to guide and support your teen as they learn about relationships. Identify family values and key messages around sexuality and how to effectively communicate with your teen.

Growing Up

Parents and Children Connecting

For parents and/or supportive adults with kids ages 9-12
Length: 3 hours

Learn about puberty and development in boys and girls, what’s normal about growing up, learn communication techniques and create a communication tool box.

Surviving the Stress of Parenting

Ways to Manage Stress of Parenting

For parents with kids in grades 1-12
Length: 90 minutes

Parenting can leave many parents feeling helpless, ineffective, and overwhelmed. Trying to juggle the demands of work, home, and parenting can prove to be difficult and stressful. Excessive stress can damage physical and emotional health. This class is designed to help parents manage the stress they face each day in more healthy and appropriate ways. The focus will be on parenting with mindfulness, prioritizing, positive re-framing, self-care, and relaxation techniques that can be used on a daily basis to effectively manage and minimize stress.

My Kid Came Out, Now What?

Loving & Accepting your Child on their Journey

For parents with kids in grades 8 & up
Length: 90 minutes

When your child shares information about their sexuality with you, you may feel proud, worried, confused, hopeful, angry, or a host of other emotions, all at once. A young person coming out to their family will hopefully be a wonderful, emotional experience that can bring the family closer together. It is a normal experience for many families, and it may leave you with a list of questions. Please join us to talk about supporting, loving and accepting your child on their journey through life.

Leaving the Nest

Preparing Yourself and Your Child for Leaving Home

For parents with kids in grades 8 & up
Length: 90 minutes

Preparing for your child to spread their wings and head off to college or move out of the house can be a time of mixed emotions—excitement, anxiety, hope and fear, all rolled into one. Join educators from myHealth to talk about issues pertinent to newly independent young people, such as sexuality, stress, sleep, safety, and drugs and alcohol. You can’t go to college with them, but you can ensure they are prepared when they leave.

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