Although we do not offer alcohol or drug treatment at myHealth, there are some things that we can do here to help. You can call us to set up a counseling appointment to talk with a professional and get any needed referrals.

Did you ever drink so much that you blacked out and didn’t remember what happened the next day? Do you ever regret or question what you did after partying? Have you had any unwanted sexual contact or been assaulted when drunk or high? Alcohol and drugs can interfere with your judgment and lead to decisions about sex that you aren’t comfortable with once you are sober. The results can be serious, such as unintended pregnancy, STI exposure, and rape.

Are you a parent looking to help a young person quit vaping? Hennepin County Public Health has a resource that can help:

A Parent’s Guide to Vaping

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Drugs and Alcohol | Do you regret what you did after partying?