myHealth actively supports parents with children of all ages who want to stay engaged in their child’s life. Young people are more likely to make healthier choices as a teen or young adult when parents create a strong foundation of communication around family values, expectations, and accurate, age-appropriate information. myHealth’s educators present parenting information and resources to over hundreds of parents every year. 

Upcoming Virtual Sessions

Check out our upcoming virtual sessions led by our myHealth educators. Don’t see quite what you’re looking for? We can also offer custom health education presentations to fit your organization’s needs.

A parent education series (via Zoom)

Thursdays, 6:30-7:30pm, Zoom
sliding fee scale: $0-10 per family

October 15

Parent Toolkit: Healthy Parenting in a Digital Age

Led by community health educators from myHealth for Teens & Young Adults, this workshop will empower parents to serve as the primary sex educators for their young people. Learn the realities and considerations around youth exposure to explicit content. Leave with helpful tips on talking to your young person about sexuality and online use while promoting individual family values.


Growing UP

A workshop for parents and their child(ren) ages 9-12

Growing up can be exciting, exhilarating, confusing and scary – all at the same time! Join health educators from myHealth for Teens & Young Adults for a fun and informative three hour workshop that will take some of the
mystery out of puberty and the questions out of adolescence. Prepare to laugh, create, question, learn and grow – TOGETHER!

Kids ages 9-12 and their parent, or other trusted adult, will engage in fun and thought-provoking activities that help them learn about: puberty, reproductive anatomy and development in males and females what is normal (and great!) about growing up, how to have the best parent-child communication possible, and how to maintain or strengthen family bonds.

Parents and Daughters, November 11


Parents and Sons, December 12


November 12

Parent Toolkit: Friendships, Relationships and Dating

Friendships are incredibly important to young people. How do we help our children foster healthy friendships and connection without overstepping their boundaries? Join Health Educators from myHealth for Teens & Young Adults in conversation and activities to learn what we can do to help our children navigate friendships, relationships and dating while respecting their autonomy.

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