Our Mission

To improve the health of our community by providing health services and information that support all teens and young adults in making responsible and well-informed decisions.

Our Vision

One day all young people will be educated and empowered to make responsible decisions regarding their health and relationships.

Our Promise

myHealth welcomes youth of all races, faiths, cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations and backgrounds. We’re here for you.

Land Acknowledgement

myHealth for Teens and Young Adults is located in Hopkins, which is the traditional, ancestral, and contemporary lands of the Wahpekute (Dakota) and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ (Sioux) peoples. Our ability to work in this place is made possible by a long history of colonialization, violence, and forceful assimilation.

We want to extend our gratitude and appreciation to these tribes. While honoring them won’t change the past, we believe it is a small part of the work needed to create a better future for indigenous peoples like the Wahpekute and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ.

We are a trusted care partner
as you navigate young adulthood.

myHealth began in 1971 when a group of local health care providers, school professionals, law enforcement, church officials, and high school students came together to address the increase in unplanned pregnancies and the emergence of sexually transmitted infections among the youth population in the Excelsior area. In February of 1972, West Suburban Teen Clinic opened its first clinic with 1 full-time nurse, a Board of Directors, 125 volunteer nurses, 30 volunteer lab technicians and 20 volunteer physicians. Over the years, we have expanded our services beyond the clinic to include Mental Health services and the Becoming Program, a nurse home visiting program for teen mothers that promotes healthy birth outcomes. myHealth partners with school districts, community organizations and coalitions to meet the growing needs of young people, their families, and adults in the areas we serve. In 2012, we changed our name to myHealth for Teens & Young Adults to reflect these changes. myHealth is a designated ‘Essential Community Provider’ of health services by the state of Minnesota.

For over 50 years, myHealth’s Clinic-Based Programs have offered comprehensive, preventative and youth-focused medical services. myHealth is the only provider of subsidized, confidential adolescent-focused integrative health care in an area larger than 1,200 square miles. In 2023, myHealth provided over 1,000 clients with low-cost medical services in nearly 4,500 visits. Our primary services include reproductive health care and education, general medical care, asthma care, vaccinations, and sports physicals, in addition to providing services to meet other adolescent needs. myHealth serves clients primarily at our Hopkins clinic, open five days a week, including evenings and on Saturday.

myHealth‘s Community Education Program provides educational presentations to middle to high-school age youth, young adults, parents, community members and professionals in over 100 separate locations and 20 school districts. Annually, myHealth’s outreach educators present information and provide resources to 2,000 local parent and community members on a variety of topics including how to better communicate with their children and teens. Nearly 23,000 attendees heard from a myHealth educator on topics ranging from pregnancy prevention, healthy relationships, decision-making, and other health related topics. Included in this number of attendees were 1,200 parents, more than 5,000 LGTBQIA identified attendees and over 2,650 youth and young adults with intellectual disabilities. In addition to large group presentations, our staff members facilitate small multi-session youth development groups to work with the most at-risk young people, including those with both cognitive and physical disabilities, students with behavioral plans, homeless and transient youth. Topics addressed in the curriculum include teen pregnancy and STI prevention, body image, consent, healthy relationships, stress management, depression, anxiety, and other emotional and behavioral concerns identified by youth.

myHealth’s Becoming Program provides health services, education, support, and assistance to pregnant and parenting teens and young adults, ages 12-26, who may have nowhere else to turn for assistance. The program is facilitated by myHealth public health nurses who provide home visits and prenatal classes focused on increasing positive child outcomes and parental self-sufficiency skills. Clients also participate in classes and one-on-one meetings to set personal self-sufficiency goals. Annually, myHealth provides 25-30 pregnant and parenting young women with nearly 300 one-on-one home visits, classes, and case management.

myHealth’s Mental Health programs provide low-cost or no-cost counseling, education and outreach services to youth and young adults ages 12-26 in our clinic, in schools and in community settings where at-risk youth live. Our licensed therapists provide counseling services at the Hopkins clinic by appointment and are available to see walk-in clients five days a week, during all clinic hours, including one evening and four hours on Saturday. Our counselors provide group therapy and outreach in the communities we serve, including in schools and in many other locations as requested. In 2023, our counselors provided over 2,500 individual and group counseling sessions, provided community outreach and education to community members and completed presentations to participants in the communities we serve.

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