Sex can mean different things to different people and curiosity about sex is totally normal! A lot of people wonder when the right time is for them to be sexually active. This is a personal decision based on individual values, feelings, relationships, and more.

Thinking About Sex?

Things to consider when thinking about being sexually active…

  • Does a person feel comfortable communicating about sexual activity? It’s important partners discuss things like consent, STI testing, condoms, and birth control. Open communication is necessary to make sure partners are on the same page, feel comfortable, etc.
  • Does a person feel comfortable communicating their needs and expectations? Being able to share what works/doesn’t work. If one person just wants to hook-up and the other is interested in a serious relationship, those people may want different things out of sex.
  • Is there consent? Consent is a must because everyone deserves to feel comfortable and safe. Consent is excited, sober and continuous. It’s not just a one time question but also an ongoing conversation about boundaries. Consent can be taken back at any time.
  • Who is making the decision? A person gets to decide for themselves when they want to be sexually active. Sometimes a person may feel pressure from friends, the media or a partner, but everyone gets to decide what is right for them and to have that decision respected.
  • Does a person have what they need to be safe? A person will need to think about what how they will prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and/or an unintended pregnancy. This may included getting tested, using barrier methods, starting on birth control, etc.

If a person doesn’t feel ready, that’s okay. This is a very personal decision, and everyone gets to decide what is best for themselves and to be respected for their decision.