Help myHealth ensure that we’re in touch with youth and doing an awesome job of serving them and meeting their needs by joining the Youth Advisory Board (YAB).

myHealth Youth Advisory Board Mission

The Youth Advisory Board at myHealth for Teens and Young Adults is the bridge between myHealth and the community it serves. Through peer education and community outreach, YAB advocates for the needs of youth and provides a critical youth perspective to myHealth as an organization.

About YAB:

The myHealth Youth Advisory Board is made up of a diverse group of young people ages 14-18 who represent myHealth in their schools and communities and are interested in leadership opportunities within teen health. We believe strongly in youth development and empowerment, and we think this is a great opportunity for young people to be leaders. Some activities that YAB members participate in include: being trained to provide peer education, providing vital input and feedback on the programs and clinic at myHealth, investigating community needs, promoting awareness of myHealth in the community, and planning and implementing special projects. Check us out on Instagram @myhealthyabb for examples of what we do!

Apply to be on YAB:

Applications are open for 2024-2025. Please click the button below to apply. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Youth Advisory Board Facilitator, Jace Schroeder.