Help myHealth ensure that we’re in touch with youth and doing an awesome job of serving them and meeting their needs by joining the Youth Advisory Board (YAB).

myHealth Youth Advisory Board Mission

The Youth Advisory Board at myHealth for Teens and Young Adults is the bridge between myHealth and the community it serves. Through peer education and community outreach, YAB advocates for the needs of youth and provides a critical youth perspective to myHealth as an organization.

About YAB:

The myHealth Youth Advisory Board is made up of a diverse group of young people ages 14-18 who represent myHealth in their schools and communities and are interested in leadership opportunities within teen health. We believe strongly in youth development and empowerment, and we think this is a great opportunity for young people to be leaders. Some activities that YAB members participate in include: being trained to provide peer education, providing vital input and feedback on the programs and clinic at myHealth, investigating community needs, promoting awareness of myHealth in the community, and planning and implementing special projects. Check us out on Instagram @myhealthyabb for examples of what we do!

Apply to be on YAB:

Applications are closed for 2023-2024. They will reopen in early 2024. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Youth Advisory Board Facilitator, Jace Schroeder.

[email protected]

Meet the 2022-2023 myHealth Youth Advisory Board

YAB Member Ada


YAB Member

Howdy! I'm Ada (she/they). This is my 3rd year on YAB, and I'm the co-social chair. I'm a senior at Edina High School. Outside of myHealth, I'm a captain of my school's badminton team, I work on theater productions and I do ceramics. I'm delighted to spend this next year on YAB to keep giving back to our community, especially with our new YEPCI project.


YAB Member

Hi! I'm Ahan (he/any), and I am the 2022-23 Communications Chair, and this is my 3rd year on YAB. I am a junior, and aside from YAB, I'm involved with the Student Diversity Leadership Committee and Coding Club at my school. I'm a really passionate reader and I always appreciate good book recommendations. I'm excited for the YEPCI grant this year and to work, learn, and grow through YAB!



Hi I’m Alisha 🙂 I am a 10th grader at Edina High School and this is my first year on the youth advisory board. Some things I do outside of YAB are competitive cheerleading, coaching elementary cheer, playing the flute, putting a lot of things in my Amazon cart, and tutoring students in early development at Kumon. I’m also involved in several clubs at school that focus on inclusivity. I love being on the board because everyone at MyHealth is so amazing and inspiring. This year, I look forward to use our YEPCI grant and provide as much awareness as we can to all youth about vaping prevention.



Hi! I'm Ally (she/her). I am a senior at Hopkins High School and I am the education liaison for YAB! When I'm not at MyHealth, I love to be outdoors and I love to read. My current favorite book is Normal People. I am also involved in earth club at my school, working on environmental issues. This year I hope to connect with my peers about issues facing our community!


YAB Member

Hi, I’m Annie (she/her), a first year YAB member! I am a senior at Minnetonka High School. In school, I’m involved in DECA, Asian Student Union, and the American Red Cross Club. Outside of school, I love working as a Summer Camp Counselor, playing soccer, and volunteering at Methodist Hospital and Trouvaille Homes. I’m super excited to work with my peers to support people in our communities with a growth-mindset oriented perspective!

YAB Ashlee


Hello! My name is Ashlee, I use she/her pronouns. This 2022-23 school year I am Clinic Liaison on YAB as well as a senior at Edina High School. I am also on the Leadership team for my schools Model UN program and love to attend the badminton club meetings. I hope this year I am able to connect with middle schoolers and create some real tangible changes for the better in school systems around e-cigarette prevention.


YAB Member

Hey y'all! I'm Ellie (she/her). I am the Executive Chair at YAB for the 2022-2023 school year. This is my third year on YAB and I am so grateful for every second I have gotten to spend with some incredible people and learning how to create change in the community. Outside of YAB I love to play guitar, nap in my hammock, nanny and eat Punch Pizza with my friends. I am senior at Hopkins High School and a full-time PSEO student so, all my classes are at the University of Minnesota with undergraduate students.


YAB Member

Hello! I am Fern (she/her). I am a junior at Minnetonka and I am so excited to be a member of YAB this year! Outside of YAB, I am generally involved with MUN, Hispanic Student Union, and I am a Speech and Debate Captain. I enjoy going on walks and getting to know new people! I want to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and work to provide a better future for my community. I am looking forward to educating myself, along with learning about important topics from MyHealth and the peers I meet through YAB!


YAB Member

Hi all! I'm Grace (she/her). I'm a senior at Blake and this is my 1st year on YAB. Apart from YAB, I play volleyball, piano, and am involved in my school's diversity leadership council and science olympiad team. I love to crochet and watch sports in my free time. This year, I hope to play a role in myHealth's empowering of the community through education!
YAB Member Jessie



Hi! My name is Jessie (she/her) and I am a senior at Edina High School. This will be my third year on YAB and I am the co-social chair! Outside of YAB I run cross country and am a part of my school’s mentorship program. This year I am excited to meet new people and worked on the YEPSI project with all of YAB!
YAB Member Paige


YAB Member

HI! My name is Paige (she/her) and I'm currently a senior at Hopkins High School! This is my third year on YAB and I'll be the Education Intern. Outside of YAB, I'm a swimmer on Hurricanes Swim Club and I do tutoring. I'm excited to work with everyone this year and to keep making a difference in our community!


YAB Member

Hi! I’m Zoe (she/her). This is my first year on YAB. I’m a junior at Hopkins High School. Aside from YAB, I’m involved in my school’s math league team, am captain of the girls tennis team, and volunteer at my Synagogue weekly. I love listening to music, traveling, and spending time with my family. This year, I look forward to diving deeper into the vaping crisis and working on solutions to help youth in our community.