Below are the answers to some common questions that we receive about myHealth and the services that we provide. If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to give us a call or check out our Ask myHealth page for specific health-related questions!

About myHealth

What does myHealth for Teens & Young Adults do?

myHealth provides low-cost medical care, reproductive health care, counseling, and educational services for young people ages 12-26. These services include pregnancy testing, birth control, Emergency Contraception (ECP), STI testing and treatment, general and sports physicals, vaccines, minor illness checks and treatment, asthma care, dental care, pregnancy and parenting home visiting program, and health education, and parent education. We never turn anyone away, even if they cannot pay.

Who does myHealth for Teens & Young Adults serve?

We support ALL teens and young adults, ages 12-26 for medical and mental health counseling services. We’re also here for parents and other caring adults committed to supporting youth.


How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, visit the appointment page for online scheduling or call us at 952-474-3251 during our business hours, and we will be happy to set you up for an appointment!

I need help now. What can I do?

If your situation is an emergency, please dial 911.

During clinic hours, you may call us and one of our clinic nurses would be happy to answer any questions you may have. If we are closed, leave us a message or call the overnight after-hours number of 952-993-7700 to speak with a family medicine medical resident at Park Nicollet Creekside Clinic. They will take your name and number and a doctor will call you back.

Do my parents have to be with me or be aware that I am coming to myHealth?

If you are coming to our clinic for birth control, pregnancy testing, STI testing and treatment, your parents do not need to be with you. This is required by the Minnesota state law, known as the Minor Consent Law. If you are coming for general medical care, like a sports physical, strep throat check, asthma care, an injury, or for counseling services, your parents must come with you to the visit if you are under the age of 18.

I have another doctor but I want to come to myHealth. Can I do that?

Sometimes clients are not able to get into their primary care clinic as fast as they would like. At myHealth we provide same day or next day appointments, so we are happy to see you when you are not able to get into your primary care clinic. It is very helpful to our providers if you bring medical records with you, so that we know what care has been given to you in the past. Other times clients may come to us for their birth control or STI testing, but want to see their other doctor for general health care. That is also OK.

Can my friend come in the exam room with me?

You are always welcome to bring a friend in for support. Our nurses will want to have a few minutes alone with you to ask a few questions before your friend comes in, so don’t worry if they ask your friend to stay in the lobby for the first part of your visit.

I don’t have a ride. How can I get to the clinic?

Our Hopkins clinic is on multiple bus routes. Please use the metro transit website to find more information about bus routes that serve our Hopkins location: If you do not have transportation, you will want to check with your friends, family, or other support systems to see if they are able to assist you with transportation. If you have insurance, your insurance may offer medical transportation for some kinds of visits. Visit your insurances website to learn more.

Payment and Insurance

I have no money. Can I come to myHealth?

We provide both low-cost and free health care and no one is turned away if they are not able to pay. Payment is based on a sliding scale of how much you are able to pay.

What about insurance?

We are happy to see clients with or without health insurance. We even have staff that are able to help you find out if you qualify for a low-cost state health insurance plan. Please visit our Appointments page to see what you’ll need to bring to your appointment to get signed up.

If you do have insurance, make sure to bring your card to your appointment! Below is a list of some of the major insurance plans that we do and do not accept. Feel free to call us if your plan isn’t listed and we’ll work with you.

Here’s some of the major plans we take:
  • HealthPartners
  • Hennepin Health
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Medica
  • Cigna
  • UCare
  • Minnesota Family Planning Program
  • MinnesotaCare
  • MN Medical Assistance
  • United Healthcare
  • Bind Benefits
  • UMR
Major plans we do NOT take:
  • TriCare
  • South Country Health Alliance
  • Non-Hennepin County-specific Medical Care
  • Medicare
  • Out-of-state Medicaid plans


Can I get prescriptions mailed to me while I’m away at college?

We see many clients that go away to school all over the United States. We are happy to mail medications to you at your school at no extra cost. All you have to do is call the clinic nurse and ask her to mail them out, make sure to give her your school address. NuvaRings cannot be mailed; however, a prescription can be sent to your pharmacy. Please remember that when you are home for break, you will want to schedule your annual physical at that time.

Can a friend pick up my birth control for me?

We encourage clients to pick up their birth control, have it mailed (pills only), or have it sent to a pharmacy. If none of these seem like a good option, just call us and ask to speak to a nurse about your options.

Other Resources

Does myHealth for Teens & Young Adults provide housing?

No, we do not provide housing, but staff will connect young people to other organizations who can provide or help find housing.

Can I see a dentist at myHealth?

Children’s Dental Services provides low-cost dental care at myHealth one day a month at our Hopkins site for anyone from birth to 26 years of age. A clinic nurse can give you information about scheduling an appointment.