As the parent or trusted adult of a youth, it can be difficult to understand the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being an adolescent. Providing a supportive, safe and trusting environment for your teen is important to building a strong bond and keeping lines of communication open.

What are you looking for?

myHealth understands the important of this and developed this “Parent’s Tool Box” to give you some of the tools needed to address the many situates you and your youth will encounter as they grow and develop into happy, healthy, informed adults.

This Toolbox Contains:

  • PARENT EDUCATION: Interactive educational presentation for a wide variety of audiences, including the parents or trusted adults in the life of a teen or young adult.
  • TIPS & TOOLS: Being the best parent you can be
  • AGE MATTERS: Parenting Children By Age Groups
  • TEACHABLE MOMENTS: An Exercise in connecting with your kids on current issues facing them today. How would you react? How would they react? 
  • ISSUES TODAY: Issues facing teens and young adults today & their parents today.
We encourage parents to visit myHealth clinics with their young person or attend one of the parent education programs, or call us at 952-373-5095 or email us with your questions at Take a moment to browse our educational presentations, review the Tips & Tools for Being Your Best Parent and get an understanding of what issues are faced each day by your youth.