Who Does it Support?

myHealth serves numerous mental health clients who are uninsured or underinsured. Without the generous support of donors like you, we would be unable to provide vital counseling services freely like we do today. Your gift directly supports young people in distress.

This year, myHealth is seeking to fund 175 mental health sessions through Step Up for Mental Health. That’s $14,000 worth of counseling sessions.


What’s This Year’s Challenge?

We’re virtually walking across the country. Moving the marker unlocks different healthy habit tips that we’ll explore during the month.

Step Up for Mental Health welcomes everyone regardless of age, ability level, body type, or fitness level. The challenge adapts to you!


How Do I Join?

It’s easy! Donate $25 or more by following the link or texting ‘myhealth’ to 56651.

Open your donation receipt and use the included link to Walker Tracker*, where you can sync your smart devices to the step tracker.

*Please note that if you’ve participated before, you will need to create your account with Walker Tracker again.


Spread the Word!

Keep the support going: Share the challenge with 5 friends.

Have questions? Email our development director Anne Hope at anneh@myhealthmn.org