Frequently Asked Questions:

What does myHealth do?
Who does myHealth serve?
Does myHealth provide housing?
How do I get medical help?
Can I schedule my appointment via text or email?
Where is myHealth located?
I have no money, can I come to myHealth?
I have no insurance, can I come to myHealth?
Do my parents need to know that I’m coming to myHealth?
What will my first visit be like?
What should I bring to my first appointment?
Can a friend come in the exam room with me?
Can I get prescriptions mailed to me while I’m away at college?
Can a friend pick up my birth control for me?
Can I see a dentist at myHealth?
I don’t have a ride, how can I get to myHealth?
I have another doctor, can I still come to myHealth?
I need help now, what can I do?