How to Stay in Touch With Friends While Away at College

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Going away to college is a significant step in your life. It’s a turbulent time when everything you know changes; your surroundings, lifestyle, and, yes – even your old friendships. However, even though distance may keep you apart, it doesn’t have to tear you apart. Quite the contrary! It can be an endless source of inspiration that will keep the flame of friendship alive. And in today’s age, with all the gadgets and apps, it’s easier than ever. Here are some ways we recommend you explore to stay in touch with friends while away at college.

Instant messaging – an obvious first choice

Instant messaging apps are the easiest way to stay in touch with friends while away at college. FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat – these are all accessible and convenient. Also, with the inclusion of gifs, emojis, and filters, they became much more versatile. Not only can you express your thoughts and feelings accurately, but you can also do so in a fun way.

Upgrade the experience with Group chats

Another great thing to consider is making a group chat for your old crew. All the apps we mentioned have some sort of option for group chat. They can be a great way to organize a virtual get-together and share new experiences. Just remember to limit that MemeLord texting privileges, and you’re golden.

Go old-school

The digital era we live in gave us so much. Among others, a possibility for instant communication. Instant messaging apps are fast and reliable. Still, some find it generic and lacking in personality. So, what can you do to remedy that?

Simple – go old-school! Sharpen that quill, break out that papyrus and ink bottle, and let the words flow. Okay, maybe not that old-school, but you get the point. Writing a letter may not be as fast and convenient as WhatsApp. Still, you can’t deny the allure of the written word.

Email can be an excellent option for busy students.

Contrary to popular belief, email isn’t meant only for uptight businesspeople. In fact, it can be a fantastic, non-intrusive way to stay in touch with friends while away at college. Between lectures and enjoying student life, your friends won’t have too much time on their hands. Email can give them that much-needed leeway and allow them to answer when they find the time. They will certainly appreciate the lack of obligation to respond right away.

Like, comment, and get into heated arguments (on occasion)

We live in a world where “if you’re not on social media, you don’t exist.” Although this is arguably true, you can’t deny the benefits these can have when you want to keep in touch. So check their feed regularly and don’t be shy to engage in conversations. You will both meet a lot of new people at college, and a friendly debate is an excellent way for you to meet their new friends and vice versa.

Phone and Video calls are irreplaceable

Nothing beats a good old phone call when you want to stay in touch with friends while away at college. Even a short conversation can be enough to lift your spirit and relieve you of stress. So, schedule a “chat date” and talk your hearts out. Or, even better – use video chat for a virtual “coffee break”.

Visit your friends in their natural habitat

Moving to college is an inevitability both you and your friends will have to face. The pursuit of knowledge will scatter you all over the US, Canada, and even the globe. However, this doesn’t have to be a downside. In fact, it is a unique opportunity to visit different cities and meet new people.

The US may be immense, but in this day and age, traveling from one end to another isn’t an issue. Despite the standing joke that students are always broke, you’ll always find a budget option to get together with your friends in another city.

Canada is also a popular choice for those in search of higher education. Cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal are big student centers with excellent colleges. That’s why many decide to go to Canada and pursue their diplomas there, and the previous statement remains true: You can easily find a cheap way to get from the US to Canada.

However, there’s one crucial thing to keep in mind: don’t make it a surprise visit. We don’t doubt that your friends will be happy to see you. But their schedule can prevent them from hanging out, so give them a call well in advance.

Use virtual worlds to stay in touch with friends while away at college

Did you and your buddies love raiding dungeons, destroying Nexuses, and surviving the ARKs? Then a virtual environment may be an ideal place to get together. In this case, gaming is an excuse to chat and have a good time. A familiar environment, albeit a virtual one, is a great meeting place.

Was your crew was more of a board game or pen-and-paper type? If so, there are many options that will let you sit down, roll the dice, and enjoy your favorite pastimes. Things like Tabletop Simulator are amazing for board games.

The distance can make friendships stronger

It is well-known that distance causes friendships to fade. However, if you stay in touch with friends while away at college, this doesn’t have to happen. Yes, you will change, and so will they. But keeping in touch will allow you to grow together as people. And once your college days are over, your friendship will be stronger than ever.


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