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Pride is a light in the dark | myHealth blog

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As pride month comes to an end, it is important to remember that pride does not stop here. As a queer nonbinary POC, pride is more than a month of commercialized orientation, it embodies the queer community’s solidarity. Especially in a time like this, having pride over one’s identity, supported and celebrated is needed more now, than ever.

No words can express how proud I am to be a Latine queer and how deeply the stories of other queer POC touch me. I strive to be a good example and uphold the values I hold dear. Being nonbinary can be difficult, particularly when trying to teach others to respect my identity. It is more than an identity, it is who I am. I am proud to be everything I am as it has made me who I am today. I am proud of who I have grown to be and look forward to who I will become.

Pride is not only for white people, something I have struggled with for the majority of my life. There is a tragic lack of representation for POC like me, one of the reasons I am writing this. I wish I had had someone like myself in the past to support and guide me through difficult times and insecurity, someone I could turn to for advice when I needed it. For this reason, I try to be accessible to anyone questioning their gender and/or orientation.

Pride is the light in the dark for many at this point in history, it is a time to make history. Look out for your queer guy, gals, and nonbinary pals; we could all use the love.

-Elli Ayala, myHealth Youth Advisory Board (YAB) Member


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